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A Sure Way to Offer Help to Haiti

For those of you visiting my blog, I want to thank you for checking it out. I also invite you to leave your thoughts and comments anywhere you like. I strive to keep my posts thoughtful, sincere, and as authentic as I possibly can. I find that when people think and write that way, they leave the door open for some honest conversation, even between people who disagree.

I’ve had enough of talking about Pat Robertson, so I want to turn to something far more positive.

Undoubtedly, you have already heard pleas from many different relief organizations who are already collecting funds for Haiti relief. I know how difficult and overwhelming it can get,  deciding who to give to, how much, and all the while wondering how your hard-earned money will be spent. Will those funds really be used wisely?
UMCORI’m a United Methodist pastor and part of the United Methodist “tribe”. (Tribe is a much better word than “denomination” .) I don’t support everything that most of our UM agencies do, but one whose work I always fully support is the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). UMCOR is often among the first relief agencies to arrive at a disaster area, and they are always among the last to leave. For example, four-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, UMCOR is still there working with the community, government, and other agencies to continue the rebuilding process.

UMCOR’s values are simple. They value all human life and form partnerships with the people they serve in order to make their lives more sustainable and healthy. They’re not there to proselytize or to convert people to Christianity. They’re there doing what the world expects Christians to do– to serve with love and humility, expecting nothing in return except the satisfaction that they are doing Christ’s work with people who need it the most. UMCOR already has a strong relationship with Haiti and has been an ongoing presence there already. So, they are already hard at work in the relief process.

And the other incredible thing is that every dollar given to UMCOR goes directly to the ground and becomes the resources people need to rebuild. All of UMCOR’s administrative costs are covered by the United Methodist Church. They don’t run slick advertisements and commercials. They simply hunker down, do the work they were called to do and rely on a website and word of mouth. That’s it!

If you’d like to make a donation to UMCOR’s relief work in Haiti, simply click here.

I also realize that many of you might not be so sure about giving to a religious organization. Maybe that’s too uncomfortable, no matter how good and honest their intentions may be. I can understand that. So, if you’re uncomfortable giving to UMCOR, the American Red Cross is a also a fantastic organization to give to.

For those of you who pray, please do. I firmly believe that God works through the prayers of people everywhere to bring healing and help. I’m not sure how that works. I just know that the prayers of God’s people can accomplish so much.

I hope you’ll join me in being a blessing to the people of Haiti!

Thanks for reading and sharing…


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