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Help Me Choose My Next Thorny Topic!

Vote Your Topic!

Vote Your Topic of Choice!

Okay, my friends, this is your chance to choose an upcoming topic for me to wrestle through and for you to read and discuss with me! I’ve never done this before– and I may never do it again!– but some of my greatest successes and greatest lessons learned have been through taking risks.

So, I got to looking at some saved but unpublished drafts of blog posts that have yet to see the light of day. That led to an internal debate on which post I should finish, hold my breath, and publish. And that led to another thought: hey, why don’t I make a poll and let you decide?

Take a moment to read the following topics and to vote for your favorite. After a few days, I’ll see which topic has the highest votes, and [gulp!] take it on. That will in turn lead to hopefully another lively conversation, or, perhaps some of you writing me off for good. But hey, you always have my promise that I will remain sincere and honest about my convictions (for whatever that’s worth to you!)

On your marks… get set… cast your vote!


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