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I am a United Methodist pastor, appointed to First Saints Community Church in St. Mary’s County, MD. I’m married to Blairlee, and together we have three children, Kathryn, Grace, and Jacob who has Down syndrome.
When I’m not pastoring or hanging out with family, I play and write music, read, blog, and other things like that.
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  1. Brun Latta

    I know another mothodist pastor who now is my Priest. I saw that you were reading the early church fathers. You ought to look into the Antiochian Orthodox Church. Here is the website of my church. http://www.theforerunner.org You could always email our Priest. Read Father Adians Articles to see what kind of Priest he is. Also look at our service schedule that he does on top of seeing people and helping others in the church. Before we could pay him a full salary so that he could pay for his home and food. He worked into the night at walmart stalking freezers wearing his cosack the whole time. I also like the Icon you chose for your webpage.

  2. Brun Latta

    Sorry for the misspells 🙂

  3. Tom

    I have been reading your blog, and have found it very interesting. I haven’t been able to find much on what you believe though. Just curious. I agree with much of what you have written and was interested to know.

  4. Tom

    Yes that helps. I figured as much from your writings, but wanted to be sure. I have a similar theology, but there are many that can talk the language and not believe, so I asked. Good to find a fellow believer in Christ. Blessings upon you and your family.

  5. Good luck to you Pastor Chris. We used to belong to a First United Methodist Church with a wonderful pastor but weren’t able to continue after he was transferred at the behest of very conservative members of the congregation. I’ve decided to stick with God and skip church!

    • Hi there- I really do hope God leads you along to a new church home. It’s almost impossible to be a disciple of Jesus without the company of fellow disciples to worship, grow, and serve with. Keep looking and seeking!

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  7. Lover of Truth

    Your writing about being a follower of Jesus vs being a christian was very interesting and I am hearing this so much that I grow weary of it at times. If we could just see that it is people who have failed and not the church, or God or christianity that has failed, then this would not be such a controversy. Lets place the confusion and blame where it belongs. Solely on the shoulders of each of us! I am always hearing about how christians and christianity have failed miserably in representing Jesus of the bible and the character and heart of God to the world. How true that is. Jesus disciples also failed again and again yet they were definitely followers of Jesus. They still sinned and often had doubts and struggled in their faith. In biblical times they were not labeled as christians, but were labeled other things by the people and socities of that time. In biblical times the line was not as blurred as it is now though, even though the Pharisees did a pretty good job at confusing the people with their hypocrisy. They claimed to believe and follow the scriptures and knew them well, yet they refused to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah, despite the fact that the scriptures they studied prophesied his birth and death! They were blind to the fact that the scriptures were unfolding before their very eyes. They knew that if they claimed to believe the truth and reality of what was right in front of them, they would have to submit to Jesus and live as he called them to. Basically, it is because of their sinful, prideful hearts and the fact that they wanted to carry out their own desires their way that they refused the truth. They wanted to pick and choose what they would believe and embrace. Keep some of it and discard the rest. Their ancient ways have not changed today! There are so many people who say they believe in God yet they do not (or will not) believe in Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior of the world. They must remove Jesus from the picture because once they do that they feel that they do not have to believe in all the rest of the bible. They know that confessing Jesus would then mean that they would have to change their ways and not be able to do whatever they desire without consequences. The bible is all the parts of the truth in one whole truth, and even without the whole bible in their possession the Pharisees still had a whole truth in hand that they decided to pick and choose from. They were fighting against their convicted hearts and refused to believe, in order to go their own way, guilt-free. But they were guilty despite the fact that they felt they weren’t. Or did they know deep down inside that they were? Jesus always asked them questions that revealed even to themselves that they were guilty. They turned away from the absolute truth. Unfortunately we live in a world today that slaps a label on everything and everyone, and we even label ourselves at times without much thought put into what that label means or represents and that includes the label ‘christian’ .That is why we have so many in our nation claiming to be christians. They have no idea of the true definition of what a christian is and are not at all interested in being a true representation of what they claim to be! Thats why christians have gotten such a bad name. So many people are so willing to hold others up to the expectation they have of so-called christians, yet they themselves are just as bad as that christian who lives down the street and calls himself a one but does nothing to live it out. Yes, those of us who call ourselves christians should be living a life that reflects that of a TRUE christian. And so many are not. That is another reason why the word christian is so disliked. Many people think that if they believe in God or even A god, then they are a christian. There are many false gods people worship but none of them have the qualities or power that the one True God of the bible has. There is only one true God, with a caplital ‘G’!
    The difference between what a christian is and what a follower of Jesus is depends on a persons definition of each! ‘Follower of Jesus’ is a much more specific description of a person, but one is not a true follower of Jesus if one does not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, whom God sent to be born in the flesh as a human, and that He was sent specifically to die on the cross in order to cover the present, past and future sins of the world. and to give us eternal life with Him in heaven when we die on earth. Even the word ‘Truth’ has been misused and misrepresented so that it has become grey, with no absolute truth to be found. We live in a world that says “my truth is my truth” and “your truth is your truth”, when truth is actually what is reality, what is fact (not opinion or theory, or thought)
    The word christian has been so misused for so long that it has almost lost its meaning too! And it is because the definition of what a christian is has changed as much as this world has. Christianity is a label as much as any other name we give to a thing, really. But their are foundational belifes that come with Christianity, even between most of the different church denominations in our nation. We are supposed to be a ‘christian’ nation but to look at us today, that is hard to see. Yet, our country was founded upon a biblical foundation! It is because of sin and a great turning away from God and a turning away from embracing Jesus as the Son of God, who died for us, in place of us! We should have been up on that cross!
    The root of this confusion is SIN. The labels of christian, follower of Jesus or whatever else one might be labeled all have something in common, and that is that they all include people, who are all sinners! We all mess up, we all fail to “be like Jesus”, we all have fallen short of the glory of God. We are humans with a human sin nature. Yes, the church is full of sinners. The difference is that those of us who have confessed Jesus as the son of God, who died for our sins, and have invited and received Jesus Christ into our lives/heart as our Savior and Lord now have the power of the Holy Spirit in us and we have been forgiven of our sins and have the gift of eternal life.
    and now have the freedom and power of being able to choose or not to choose to sin. When we do sin we can go before God and ask for forgiveness and receive that forgiveness because we believe Jesus shed His blood on the cross for us. We dont get that without confessing Jesus. Thats the part some want to forego yet they want all that comes with that confession, believing and receiving. Even though we were sinners when we received Christ and unfortunately, still are sinners even after we receive Christ what is different for us is that by His grace and our belief we are made righteous and are justified in and by Him! God sees us a we will be when we are complete in Him. He does not see us as the rest of the world does. Most people has the wrong idea of what true forgiveness really means. True forgiveness comes from God’s perspective not ours. So many people really do not understand that being a follower of Jesus means that we first of all have confessed Him and believe, which makes us followers of Christ. I have a biblical worldview and love the Lord with all my heart. I belieive that the bible is the unerring truth, I believe in the Trinity (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – that they are all seperate persons yet they are one) that God is Sovereign and has Providence over all things, that He is the Creator of all things, that He holds all things together, that Jesus will one day return for His Church. I believe that I am a child of God and that I am that because I have chosen to believe and receive. The bible tells me that. Because I believe all this I am a Follower of Jesus. And I would say that I am a christian because to me that means that I follow Jesus and the teachings of Jesus. He taught what I am saying I believe in. However, to me, the label is not even half as important as what my beliefs and convictions are. I am still a christian even if I mess up and fall into sin (as long as I am asking for forgiveness and my heart attitude matches that of which Gods Word calls me to – I will always be striving to obey God and will never be perfect at it until I am in heaven) I dont stop being a christian just because I fail. God knows my heart and everything else about me. I also will still be a Follower of Jesus even when I sin and fail.
    I am free to choose not to sin but I am going to have a heck of a time choosing not to sin without the power of the Holy Spirit (Jesus living in me and through me) empowering me to making that choice. So, in the end, to me, there is no difference between being a christian and a follower of Jesus! Did that change any of the problem we started with here? No.
    It only changed it for me, because I know where I stand and what I believe in and why. I walk firmly in an identity in who God says I am. I learned who I am in Christ from God’s Word. Its really a big cirlcle which always leads to Jesus , when you are TRULY a christian and a follower of Jesus.
    WOw. I wrote a lot. It was very therapeutic. Thanks to everyone who read my “rants and musings”. Dont know where this took you or it cleared up anything but I feel great! It is good to be able to put in writing what is on your heart. I pray that someone will be blessed by this!

  8. I’ll just say I like the blog 🙂

  9. Good morning, Chris. DeColores! My name is Shelley Wilson and I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I believe your blog has the potential to change lives because it points to Jesus Christ. If you’d like to learn more about this award, please check out my blog post about my own nomination. http://portraitsbyshelley.com/2012/11/26/liebster-blog-award-an-honor/
    Thank you and have a blessed day!

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