My Tribute to Justin: a Beautiful, Troubled Life

Justin Kurlychek (10/15/74-8/23/16)

When I was in high school, there was this guy, Justin, who always seemed larger than life to me. He was incredibly creative, offbeat, funny, musical, dramatic. He was not a part of the super “in” crowd, but nevertheless, everyone- and I mean everyone!-  liked and appreciated Justin. And I’ll never forget the moment I realized that Justin liked me, too, and considered me a friend. I was very humbled by that, and I still am today.

I met Justin Kurlychek in South River High School’s drama club. For two years I played in the spring musical pit band, supporting people like Justin up on the stage, but then encouraged on by some friends I auditioned and got parts in the fall play and spring musical right alongside Justin. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. He could act, sing, and dance. And no matter what he did, he knew how to own an audience’s attention. Justin took the stage and kept it. All eyes were on him.

Justin also played in bands and was a natural front man singer and guitarist. He wrote and performed his own music. After high school, I participated in a local battle of the bands. The band I was in lost to his band by a landslide. I wouldn’t say they were more talented than we were, but Justin was the magic ingredient. He could gather and keep a crowd on their feet. That alone won the day.

In our senior year of high school, I began to get to know Justin better. I began to see that underneath all of his wacky charisma and charm were troubled waters. I never knew how troubled or the causes of his turmoil, but something always haunted him and never stopped. This darker part of Justin gave him the capacity to love anyone, to be compassionate, and to remain completely non-judgmental. I had just hoped that somehow he would extend this troubled beauty to himself, but I don’t think he ever did.

After high school, decades went by and I had always wondered what happened to Justin. No one seemed to know. And then Facebook came along. A few years after that, there was Justin on Facebook. Precious little about him had changed. He was still the same Justin I knew in high school.

Life, however, had taken its toll on him.

Justin became a father, married, divorced, and also suffered a few strokes that debilitated him. Even with all of that, his same humor, passion, love, and crazy creative talent were still there. And so were his demons. I spent hours talking to Justin, especially during his times of crisis. My heart would break at the depth of his pain and his inability to forgive himself, love himself and to think that God could do anything else than torture him.

Eventually though, through time, the love of others, and yes, the love of God who loved him more than Justin would ever know, he was able to get his strength back, get back to playing music, and have meaningful relationships. Things were always tipsy turvy for Justin, but I could see that he was getting better, and above all, becoming more happy with himself.

And then this morning, I heard the devastating news that Justin had died from a heroin overdose. I had no idea that Justin had a drug problem. If he had, he seemed to be getting stronger. It was the end of a beautiful, tumultuous life that ended much too soon leaving wonderful memories and tragedy in its wake.

It’s far too easy to look at Justin Kurlychek’s life and make our judgments. “If only he had done [this], he would be happy and alive.” “If he had not done [that], he could have had a better life. What a screw up.”
When I reflect on my friend Justin’s life, I’m reminded again that life is hard. Life is hard for everyone.

For reasons I don’t understand, some people have it a lot harder than others and suffer through a lot more. Whether that’s due to things that have happened beyond a person’s control, decisions a person has made, or both, I’ve come to see that it doesn’t really matter as much as we think it does. What matters is doing the most good and being the greatest blessing to others with the gifts and opportunities we’ve been given. In that respect, each of us are both accomplished and guilty, productive and wasteful.

So who are we to be the ultimate arbiters of another person’s life? Each of us has our own to life to live with our share of victories, defeats, broken relationships, bridges burned, moments of grace, gifts of magnificence and decisions for good or ill that will determine how each of us will die one day. Ultimately we will all stand before God our creator and redeemer, and he will make the final evaluation. And God has far more capacity for mercy, justice, and truth than you or I have.

My friend Justin blessed my life with his love, his respect, and his loyalty. I’m a better person and a happier person for having loved and been loved by Justin. Many of us could say the same. I am devastated that this blessing has died far too soon. But I cherish the times I did have with Justin, and I pray for God’s peace and healing to embrace Justin’s loved ones, his children, his family and each of us.

Justin used to say to me, “Owens, I love you buddy.” So I say to my friend and brother, “Kurlychek, I love you back and always.”


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15 Responses to My Tribute to Justin: a Beautiful, Troubled Life

  1. Tom Ellis

    Wonderfully written with the highest respect & love. Life is hard & no one gets it right all the time. Your friend touched your life in a very positive way. And I am quite sure many others enjoyed & benefited from knowing him. Chris as you so surely know Our God uses many of his children to affect and influence the paths we all travel. Justin was Blessed by your friendship as you have been through his friendship with you. Prayers & Blessings for you both.
    Tom Ellis

  2. Amy

    That was amazing. He was a huge part of my life this past year. I will miss him calling me mom. Mind you i am 42. My fiance and he will always be best friends. Such a tremendous loss. My hearts heavy today.

  3. Amanda

    Thank you for such a wonderful tribute, Chris. I can’t imagine my high school experience without him…he was such a powerful influence. I am looking through photo albums reminiscing! Love you, Justin.

    • Thanks, Amanda! High school definitely took on a character of its own with Justin in the mix. Knowing Justin, he would say the same about you. That’s how much he loved and clung to people in his life.

  4. Carol

    Wow, Chris! I have no doubt that Justin felt your love for him, and the love of God through you. You are so right in all you said, and i often wonder why some have it so darn tough to just live! And, yes, our job IS to love them with that perfect love God gives, and be there as much as we can be! Thank you for your open sharing!

  5. Thank you, Carol! Yeah, I’m finding that if we spend less time trying to analyze and evaluate people’s worthiness, sinfulness and standing with God, and spend more time being compassionate towards them, somehow that seems more like the heart of Jesus. That’s not to say that we just tread water in a sea of moral relativity, but at the same time, we let the wheat grow with the tares and treat everyone equally as a child of God.

  6. What a lovely tribute. I remember Justin as a funny, caring person with the rare gift of making others feel special. He will be missed but not forgotten. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Valerie Womack

    Any word on funeral arrangements?

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  9. Brenda kennedy

    This is totally amazing. Im sorry for.your.loss.

  10. Matt Bryant

    I met Justin years back through a friend I play guitar he heard of about me we met and became friends right away we started writing music together I was having issues in life my guitar got broken Justin bought me a guitar gave it to me he was inspired by my playing and I was of his this is when he lived in New Castle Delaware we started a band did few shows I was struggling with alcohol it got bad I got jealous of the others in the band It made me someone I wasn’t I quit the band moved on with my selfishness Justin eventually moved down to Florida God revieled glory into my life taking my addiction from me I ask him to he did so he did what I couldn’t and what AA classes couldn’t do for me I’ve tried to reach out to Justin many times to apologize for letting him down and tell him I beat my inter demons and to tell him how amazing God is because I knew he struggled believing in God himself im saddened my friend is gone and that I could never tell him in person that im sorry but I do know this ain’t good bye forever I will see my friend again on that day it will glorious when Christ Jesus returns until then I still have that guitar he bought me it’s a treasure I will hold onto always

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