An Upcoming Post You Won’t Want to Miss

In the next couple of days, I’m going to post a blog that looks at the difference between Jesus and the religion of Christianity. I’m sure it will rattle the cages of many Christians, but… so be it! No matter your faith background, I hope you’ll find it to be both challenging and liberating.
Keep your eyes peeled, and thank you again for reading and leaving your comments. I do read and value each one!


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  1. I hope you discuss why SIN,THE DEVIL,HELL and even lack if invitations has disappeared from the local churches? keep up the good work MLB

  2. I think this is a great idea. I just posted a statement on FB regarding this very thing. Or, at least where I think you are headed. I made the statement that I feel like word “Christianity” has little or no meaning today. I think when someone asks us what religion we are, we should just say, I’m striving to be Christ-like or I’m not Christ-like.
    It would be a lot less confusing.
    Write with conviction and purpose! dczeropski
    Don’t know if you would be interested, but I just started a blog on this site entitled “A Woman’s Desire”. I would be interested in your comment on the Preface.

    • Yes, like you I don’t call myself a Christian much anymore. Increasingly, I call myself a follower or disciple of Jesus. I do that for my sake and others, too. First, it reminds me that my preoccupation is not conformity to a religion but becoming like Jesus. Secondly, it helps me have conversations with those who have big-time problems with the religion of Christianity.

  3. Sweet! I hope you rattle the cages of many Christians!! We need it.

  4. YAY! My blog is also about trying to change the way many “Christians” live their lives by showing people what the Bible says. Many “Christians” are only that by name and not by heart or actions. Under “religious views” on my facebook page, I also simply wrote “lover of God.” Though my reason is slightly different from yours. I’m looking forward to your next posts!

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